{ M + D } Napa Destination Wedding |Makeup & Hair 2012

Congratulations Michelle & Drew!

August 11 2012 :: Maroon Villa, Napa Ca
Event Design, Production & Coordination by Chelsea Tucker & Mary Ellen Murphy of Off the Beaten Path Weddings
Photography by onelove photography
Hair by Betsey Oliver & Brenda Boccabella

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Congratulations Michelle & Drew!

Mr & Mrs K | Healdsburg CA | 2012

Another absolutely stunning Off the Beaten Path couple captured, this time, by Sasha Photography. Betsey Oliver and I created upscale, glamorous looks for each of these gorgeous gals. She did the hair, I did the makeup, the result was a cohesive look for the entire bridal party, designed to feel a little ‘red carpet’ while not overdone and leaving each true to their own individuality. They were so fun to work with and one of the most picture perfect bridal parties I’ve seen!
Sasha and his team were professional and personal with the group, a pleasure to work with. Sasha’s photos are each true works of art that document the day of this happy couple beautifully. Visit Sasha’s blog for more!
Congratulations Laura & Scott!



Congratulations Laura & Scott!

September 14 2012: Private Estate, Healdsburg, Ca
Venue & Event Coordination through Off the Beaten Path Weddings
Photography by Sasha & team, Sasha Photography
Hair by Betsey Oliver, Betsey Oliver Beauty

Mr & Mrs G | Napa Valley, Ca | 2011

I’m thrilled to share that this wedding
was recently featured on Style Me Pretty!


This true ‘Bridechilla’ should give lessons on how to be the perfect bride! Not only was she gorgeous, she was calm and organized all through the excitement of planning this amazing event to marry the one she loves. Twisted Willow Farm, a spectacular place surrounded by vineyards + an organic farm in the Napa Valley and offered exclusively through Off the Beaten Path Weddings, was the perfect venue for these two down to earth love birds.

Dan & Natalie Watson of Watson Studios did an amazing job of capturing the beauty of the bride and groom as well as all the venue had to offer.

Moss_Glander_WatsonStudios_ashleypeterw1503Moss_Glander_WatsonStudios_ashleypeterw0438  Moss_Glander_WatsonStudios_ashleypeterw0298Moss_Glander_WatsonStudios_ashleypeterw0813Moss_Glander_WatsonStudios_ashleypeterw2245 Moss_Glander_WatsonStudios_ashleypeterw2377 Moss_Glander_WatsonStudios_ashleypeterw2901Moss_Glander_WatsonStudios_ashleypeterw2994  Moss_Glander_WatsonStudios_ashleypeterw1466Moss_Glander_WatsonStudios_ashleypeterw3028Moss_Glander_WatsonStudios_ashleypeterw3099Moss_Glander_WatsonStudios_ashleypeterw3352Moss_Glander_WatsonStudios_ashleypeterw3366  320040_10150298320141883_503831882_8305401_839090769_n

Congratulations Ashley & Peter!

September 10 2011 :: Twisted Willow Farm, Napa Ca
Venue & Event Coordination through Off the Beaten Path Weddings
Photography by Dan & Natalie Watson, Watson Studios

Mr & Mrs B | Napa Valley, Ca | 2012

Congratulations Johanna & Erran!

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Congratulations Johanna & Erran!

May 27 2012 :: Verisimo Vineyards, Napa Ca
Event Design, Production & Coordination by Off the Beaten Path Weddings
Photography by onelove photography
Hair by Lauren Kelsay

Bridechilla commercial shoot x2 | 2012

Bridechilla wear  ::  Alternative apparel 100% cotton,
eco-sensitive chill wear, a little edgy with a lot of style!

URBAN DICTIONARY DEFINITION – A bridechilla remains easy going, relaxed and down to earth during her entire wedding experience. She is not defined by her wedding day but by the experience of being with those that she cares most about. THE “unzilla”


I love everything Mary Ellen Murphy dreams up (she’s also the creative brains behind Off The Beaten Path Weddings) this is her latest ingenious endeavor. Gorgeous photos by onelove photographer Julie Hanna. Scrumptious & beautiful custom cupcakes by Heidi Hebein, freelance pastry chef/baker. Enjoy the pics then order some goodies for a bridechilla in your life!










….and lastly, a little behind the scenes fun shot!


Mr & Mrs B | Sonoma County Ca | 2012


Congratulations Leila & Ben! Congratulations Leila & Ben! July 30 2011 :: Copain Wine Cellars, Healdsburg Ca Preparations done at Hotel Headsburg, Healdsburg Ca Event Coordination by Off the Beaten Path Weddings Photography by Flory Photo Flowers by Dragonfly Floral, … Continue reading

Mr & Mrs C | Napa Ca | 2011


What a gorgeous collaboration of abundant talent this event was! The very laid back bride and her handsome groom were a dream to work with. The breathtaking private estate in Napa (offered exclusively through Off the Beaten Path Weddings) was … Continue reading